Inventing , designing ,
and engineering

digital experiences that shape the future of your brand.

Major Surplus

Magento Development • Responsive Design • User Experience • User Interface Design • Interaction Design

Major Surplus is a survival and adventure brand with both physical and digital stores. They enlisted RICO elevate their ecommerce store for a fresh and responsive shopping experience.


Design Strategy • User Experience • Interaction Design • User Interface Design • Magento Development

Bed|Stü is a lifestyle brand focused on crafting footwear in a manner that is all but lost today. They partnered with RICO to re-imagine their ecommerce experience and bring their brand to life online.

M&G Direct

Product Development • Information Architecture • Interaction Design • Art Direction • User Interface Design

M&G is the largest jewelry repair company in the US and services the nation’s most popular retailers. We conceived an online repair platform that enables direct to consumer jewelry repair.


Information Architecture • Wireframing • Art Direction • User Interface Design • Ektron Development

Archipedia is an architectural library management systems servicing the US and Australia. AIS hired RICO to redesign their platform and improve collaboration between architects and suppliers.

Taos Footwear

Design Strategy • User Experience • Interaction Design • Visual Design • Responsive Design • Magento Development

Taos Footwear is a women’s shoe brand known for creating looks both fashionable and comfortable. They hired RICO to create a multi-device shopping experience that enabled new sales growth for any screen.


Information Architecture • Wireframing • Interaction Design • Art Direction • User Interface Design

Gorman Health Group delivers expert counsel and digital products to government health care firms. They partnered with RICO to redesign a flagship product and create an end-to-end scalable user experience.


With 15+ years in the global market research industry, our experience supports discovering markets, forecasting opportunities, improving site performance, measuring social media effectiveness and customer satisfaction within a solution that is not only beautiful, but well informed.


Customer Retention and the Window of Opportunity


Building the Success of a Business on Data

Logos & Identity

We believe that a good user experience starts with great brand. We work with founders and executives to create, realign, and solidify a brand and identity that means something to employees and customers alike.

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Things that are different in order simply to be different are seldom better, but that which is made to be better is almost always different.

Dieter Rams
  • Strategy

    We work with our clients to understand their unique business challenges and goals to create a comprehensive strategy. Our strategy process is the crux for creating engaging experiences.

  • Design

    The difference between good work and great work is the attention to detail. We focus on the details to design solutions that meets business requirements, inspire change, and exceed expectations.

  • Development

    Preserving vision is key to the success of our solutions. That's why our team is equipped to implement solutions in a number of languages enabling us to create solutions for all technologies.

  • Engineering

    Our engineers know what it takes to make a great experience. We engineer enterprise grade solutions that supercharge your business, providing new market opportunities for your customers.